Web-based Interactive Episode Analysis Tool

fetch('https://wieat.vercel.app/api/interactions', {
  method: 'post',
  body: JSON.stringify({
    start_time: "21:04:24",
    end_time: "21:05:11",
    duration: 47,
    initiator: "USR",
    receiver: "DEV",
    technology: "IT",
    conversation: "\"How do you add an interaction?\" \"You can send a post request like this to add an interaction!\"",
    sub_episode: "Adding interactions",
    episode: "WIEAT Tour"

Data Entry

Add interactions to the database in multiple ways

  • Use a POST request (JS example on the left)
  • Manually add an interaction through our data entry page
  • Correct any typos from an episode using the update functionality
  • Instantly visualize and analyze your data
Add data →

Episode Visualization

Visualize interactions in an intuitive format

  • Provide the episode name or a raw data file to visualize the episode automatically
  • Better identify roles by customizing their colors
  • Export the generated poster into a PDF document with a single click
Visualize data →

Episode Analysis

Analyze the interactions from an episode

  • Provide the episode name to generate its analytics dashboard automatically
  • Get analytics such as Interaction Frequency, SIIL, Diversity Index, I-I Ratio, and more
  • Download analytic charts as images for external use
Analyze data →